Monday, April 6, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth: Summary

Al Gore, th

e host, was the vice president of the USA in the Clinton administration. He has been interested in climate change issues since grade school and has continued to take interest in this subject as a politician. In this documentary, he highlights some very important points regarding global warming in his discussion. We will take a look at some of these.

Some very important effects include illustrations of the impact of global warming. He does this by first pointing out the relationship between the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and the corresponding temperature over a 650,000 years period. For example, he indicated some pictures of the ice melted in big Mountain in Africa called Kilimanjaro. He also talked about the increase of the ocean Temperature that guided to many Hurricanes and Tornadoes. To clarify, Florida in US got a very bad hurricane in September 2004 and that called Ivan. Then he focused on the Sea levels which are rising because of the amount of ice melting in the Arctic Sea and ice shelves by 1.5 million km2 during the last forty years. For instance, Ice caps melts as the the temperature of water raise and these can destroyed the ice species. Finally, He also mentioned that many people have died in different parts of the world because of high temperatures and heat waves. For example, the temperature in India raised and about 1400 people died in 2003. The extinction rate of many species is increasing and more than 30 diseases have appeared

To sum up, Al Gore says that although the situation regarding global warming appears dire, he does speak fervently looking forward to the future with hope. His presentation concludes with parting nuggets of practical advice as to how man can play a role in curbing climate change.


simplicity said...

it was a great movie for us, especially for those estudent study about the climate change like us..
God Bless

myselftou said...

It's an eye opener for everyone to know that our world is in danger if we will not do anything about it.

jane said...

really an eye opener and its good that it came from someone like him. Government officials all over the world should do something about it. actually not only government officials all of us should take part in helping mother earth.

db047dbe-9ec6-11e1-9e35-000f20980440 said...

I think things aren't as bad as he makes them seem. Also, I can't seem to believe any words coming from a politician.

jonas czar Lariosa said...

i think this is the time to stop using and draining oil before it's depleted...

cause' a lot of carbon dioxide stock in atmosphere, ice caps will quickly melt then heat temperature is more hot.

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